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Stephanie Fitzgerald-O'Malley

Educational Psycologist

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CDs: A Slice of Time New!


For adults in need of a good night’s sleep, deep rest or strength and stability.


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The variety of creative tracks on this beautiful CD include mindfulness and Yoga Nidra. Yoga Nidra is a beautiful meditation/relaxation practice that uses the inbuilt process of sleep states to bring you consciously to a place where you can release identification with thoughts, connect with self, set and intention and truly rest, and heal body and mind. It is also a genuinely effective sleep practice, creating the perfect environment for drifting off, and experiencing restful sleep. An opportunity to awake refreshed and renewed!

A Slice of Time CD is a unique way to connect with the earth, to feel deeply rooted like a strong tree, to feel your breath rise and fall like a slow wave at the shore. Derval gets you ‘out of your head’ re-connects you with the body, the breath, and the earth. These simple, effective Mindfulness & Yoga Nidra tracks, are the common sense approach to flourishing in this busy, distracted, and sometimes quite stressful, modern world.


A Slice of Time CD contains the following guided mindfulness & Yoga Nidra tracks.

  • A Slice of Time 6.25 mins guided sitting practice
  • Out of your head 9.22 mins guided sitting practice
  • Home to Shore 22.00 mins guided lying down practice
  • Golden sleep 24.55 mins bedtime practice




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