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Mindfulness Matters was founded by Dr. Ann Caulfield and Derval Dunford to offer opportunities to professionals, parents and children to discover quiet space in the mind. Mindfulness Matters offers courses and resources to assist in the discovery of present moment awareness, calm and confidence, and specialise in online facilitation. Having worked individually for many years in mindfulness, relaxation, life-coaching and facilitation, Ann and Derval came together in 2011 to design a course for the Mayo Education Centre. Its then director, Art O’Súilleabháin, suggests that when they came together ‘magic happened'. That magic was later recognised by Social Entrepreneurs Ireland when Mindfulness Matters was short-listed for their 2103 awards. Mindfulness Matters has designed an innovative course for primary school teachers. Entitled 'Developing Mindfulness Wellbeing in Primary School Children’, this course has been a huge success facilitating over 5,000 participants to date. It is available Face-to-Face and On-Line and has been sanctioned by the Department of Education. The brand new four hour online for teachers has just been launched through Mayo Education Centre. Mindfulness Matters are also now successfully serving the niche sector of National corporate online programmes.


Mindfulness Matters' CDs are valuable resources for teachers and parents and have been received with great interest and enthusiasm. The adult CD Suí Mindfulness has been endorsed by health professionals internationally. The CDs are 'curriculum friendly' and integrate with the school Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) programme in the classroom. In the home are also great resources for children to aid relaxation, preparation for homework and quiet time and restful sleep. Mindfulness Matters produced the world’s first Mindfulness CD ‘as Gaeilge’. This novel CD in the Irish language called ‘Spás Síochánta Suaimhneach’ is recognised as a valuable learning resource. It includes a phonetic Irish-English dictionary to assist teachers, parents and children in the use of the CD and the promotion of the Irish language.


Ann and Derval work with a wide range of educational and  business organisations. Courses and workshops are tailor-made to meet the needs of each individual organisation.


Special sessions are facilitated in schools where Derval and Ann work with both children and staff members. These sessions range in duration depending on the needs of the individuals. Please make contact if you wish to arrange a workshop or training session.

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Ann Caulfield

Ann is an inspiring and engaging speaker. Her approach is distinctive with its capacity to engage people with their internal greatness whilst simultaneously integrating calming mindful moments. Using simple, yet powerful, techniques she marries NLP, mindfulness and empowerment.  She is an accomplished mindfulness practitioner, stress reduction coach and trainer and has been hired by community, educational and business organisations. She has a particular interest in mindfulness in the work place and has carried out doctoral research into occupational stress and mindfulness in an Irish context. Ann holds an M.A. in Pastoral Leadership and is a part time lecturer in Applied Social Studies in Galway Mayo Institute of Technology.

Derval Dunford

Derval’s interest in mindfulness was inspired by her own life challenges. She believes that ‘simplicity is the key’ and brings a sense of enthusiasm and fun to her presentations. Above all she recognises the enormous value of introducing mindfulness into daily life to enhance wellbeing and create a sense of balance. Derval has been facilitating Mindfulness and Relaxation workshops and courses for the HSE, Family Centres, Cancer Support Centres, Community and private groups, for many years. Her first CD  CD Sui Mindfulness has inspired thousands to practice mindfulness and has been endorsed by medical Doctors and health-care professionals nationally and internationally.


She is a qualified MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction), and Yoga Nidra teacher.

Research into Mindfulness in Schools in Ireland

Mindfulness Matters aims to be a resource to teachers for personal and professional self-care and as a means of encouraging mindfulness in the classroom. I know that there is much research being carried out throughout Ireland by teachers and others interested in mindfulness and education. I am curious about this and would love to hear about it, learn about the findings and to use this website as a resource for this purpose. We are quick to say there is little research done in Ireland. From my experience of teachers contacting me, I think this is untrue and would love to compile some of the research findings.


I have carried out doctoral research myself into 1the practice of mindfulness by Irish primary school teachers. The study generated interesting findings related to teachers’ mindfulness practice; how mindfulness impacts on teacher stress; the development of particular personal attributes; its contribution to professional practice; to the curriculum and its use in the classroom.


If you are carrying out some research or thinking about it please contact me and perhaps we can help each other. You can email me on ann@mindfulnessmatters.ie

For further information contact info@mindfulnessmatters.ie

Derval derval@mindfulnessmatters.ie 087 2888740    Ann ann@mindfulnessmatters.ie   087 6108144.