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Eibhlin Geraghty

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Catriona Wallace

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‘It's not just the number of hours we sit at a desk in that determines the value we generate. It's the energy we bring to the hours we work. Human beings are designed to pulse rhythmically between spending and renewing energy. That's how we operate at our best. Maintaining a steady reservoir of energy - physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually - requires refuelling it intermittently.’

Tony Schwartz, author and CEO of the Energy Project


Mindfulness Matters’ business package provides a structure on which your business can thrive. The focus is very much initially on the individual, creating balance and building resilience, it flows naturally from there to communication, interconnection and team work.


We all know that prevention is better than cure. Mindfulness Matters online programme can be seen as early intervention in terms of stress and burn out. Recognising the need for staff support, nourishment, and the facilitation of well-being is an important step towards a thriving business.


Many people are juggling so many, and such a diversity of demands these days that they are literally ‘running on empty’, bordering on exhaustion.  Our mindfulness-based corporate programme not only provides the essential fuel for life but it is an experiential opportunity for participants to recognise when are becoming over-extended or overwhelmed and to learn how to re-fuel regularly to prevent the inevitable ‘crash’. Our approach is holistic, it is important that the employee sees his/her value as a person, and as part of ‘the whole’ instead of feeling isolated and seeing the job as just ‘a role’. Our aim is that participants leave the programme with the basic equipment to self-manage, self-soothe, to work efficiently and effectively with a sense of satisfaction and to live life to the full.


Most people spend a lot of time and energy ruminating about the past or worrying about the future, basically caught up in thinking. When our minds are full like this there is no space for creativity, learning or productivity. Mindfulness allows us to step back a little from thinking and recognise that ‘thoughts are not facts’. This can have a profound impact in terms of focus and performance and the sense of compassion and connection that ensues leads to improved relationships with co–workers and the enthusiasm to be at your best in every aspect of life.


Mindfulness is about facing reality with wisdom, it’s about living ‘in your life’ instead of ‘in your head’. It is an opportunity to explore direct experience without the running commentary in your mind. Mindfulness practice brings an awareness and sense of curiosity that pulls us out of our habitual mental and emotional patterns and allows us to flourish.


In a programme designed especially for your business it explores a variety of ways to enhance the human experience in work and in life. We look at neuroscience and how we can change our brains, we explore reaction versus response to stress, and how both internal and external conditions have an impact. We discover the common sense approach to reducing suffering. We learn how to use our time wisely, and how even just a few minutes daily mindfulness practice can bring balance to a busy mind and a busy life.


The Mindfulness Matters programme has been created as an experiential programme even though it is facilitated online. The unique combination of audio, video, and practical exercises make the experience user-friendly, engaging and easy to introduce into daily life.


"Every workplace in the country would benefit greatly from this course. I think it is necessary to equip all individuals with the mental strategies and exercises to deal with stressful situations in their lives. Mindfulness is so much more than just meditation or taking a quiet moment, it allows us to reflect on our lives, our happiness and ourselves. I think this course would have a very positive effect on any workplace”.

Michelle Moore, Dublin


“This course has really struck a chord with me as a professional...finally a course that recognizes the busy lives experienced by so many. I found both facilitators amazing and it always seemed they were actually present in the room with their reassuring, relaxing, positive nature”

Anne Hogan, Wicklow


“Thank you to the facilitators of this course. It was perhaps the most practical course that I have ever done”.

Bernie Gallagher, Cork



The programme will focus on Professional Wellbeing and Self-care


Eight sessions cover aspects of mindfulness and wellbeing integral to personal and professional living and self-care. This is an eLearning programme using an Articulate model and therefore available to participants 24 hours daily offering opportunities for:


  • Positive mental, emotional and physical health
  • Improved concentration and  communication
  • Relaxation and wellbeing for employees
  • Calm and contentment


For optimum experience participants are encouraged to follow the programme as a step by step eight week process. The course is designed to flow from week to week to create the ‘habit’ of mindful living.



Modular themes include:

Session 1: Mindfulness and Wellbeing

Session 2: Awareness

Session 3: Stress and resilience

Session 4: Mental and emotional wellbeing

Session 5: Choice and change

Session 6: Communication

Session 7: Compassion and leadership

Session 8: Beginning Again...

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