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mindfulness and happiness for children


We introduce children to novel resources that can help children to pay attention to their inside world, and the outside world. Self-esteem for children is our priority. Our specially designed CDs enhance the development of calm and confident kids, and help create a sense of peace for children. Simple practices done regularly can help children’s concentration, sleep and day to day lives. Check out the CDs and resources.


The result may be an ability to connect with the ‘inner peace’ that Kung Fu Panda is always searching for, an understanding and acceptance of individual personalities, talents, and an increase in self-esteem.


Mindfulness Matters provides simple mindfulness practices to suit 5 – 12 year olds.


Children’s mindfulness practice can be enhanced by regular use of the popular CDs for children.

The value of regular practise has the potential to:

  • aid concentration
  • aid decision making
  • enhance openness to learning,
  • improve physical and mental well-being
  • provide an opportunity to experience ‘inner peace’
  • teach children how to relax
  • help build self-esteem



While we recommend doing the summer course 'Developing Mindfulness and Wellbeing in Primary School Children through SPHE’ as a starting point Mindfulness Matters has also designed CDs that can be used by teachers without any experience. The teacher simply presses play and the children are guided step by step. All CD tracks are linked to the SPHE programme. The Irish CD, Spás Síochánta Suaimhneach gives a great opportunity for children to learn new phrases and vocabulary effortlessly. Teachers are recommended to play a track from the English version Still Space for 6 – 8 weeks and then use the same track as gaeilge. Once the children know the tracks in English, they follow the Irish version and begin to pick up new words in Irish. Support may be required with some new words which are provided in the phonetic dictionary in the front cover of the CD.


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