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Note: Post Primary teachers: Many of Mindfulness Matters’ adult practices and children’s practices are suitable for use with teenagers. Teacher’s practices are the same for primary and post primary, the majority of the information on our courses is supportive for teachers and students of all ages.


Online Summer Courses

Mindfulness Matters Level 1

Developing Mindfulness and Wellbeing in primary school teachers and children (SPHE)

The first, and most popular teacher’s wellbeing and mindfulness online course in Ireland, 7000 participants since 2011.

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‘A most helpful course to me as a person and I feel I have so much to bring back to the whole school’.

Clare Walsh, Principal


Mindfulness Matters Level 2

Wellbeing, Mindfulness and Resilience for teachers and children (Cross-curricular)

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Teachers’ experienceLevel 2 builds on the experience of Level 1 and is a very comprehensive course on wellbeing    and mindfulness for teachers and pupils. With a blend of Mindfulness Matters’ own creative practices, their own research, and extensive interaction with  teachers across the country, this course ensures that the Level 2 online course is unique, practical, and an optimum fit for Irish teachers, the Irish curriculum and Irish schools. It is a well-balanced, extensive and creative course, with nourishing practices for teachers, including ‘WSE with ease’, and a wealth of resources for whole school implementation. This course offers a welcome introduction for teachers to learn and practice mindfulness and relaxation. Teachers need to be nourished before they can be expected to nourish others. As one teacher said, ‘You can’t pour from an empty jug’. Not your typical online course, this course is very experiential with audio, video, guided practices, cute clips, mindful walks, and a bit of fun. With over 7,000 previous participants endorsing the course, we trust that it will be a restful and yet practical experience for you, providing lots of simple activities to support daily life in the classroom and beyond..



Teacher well-being is always number one for Mindfulness Matters!

Dr. Ann Caulfield’s research and Mindfulness Matters’ interaction on their on line forum with 6,000 teachers has formed the basis of Derval and Ann’s practical guide to well-being for teachers. This BRAND NEW follow up on line course includes tips on WSE with ease, opportunities to really rest body and mind, simple ways to weave peace and calm into daily life, resilience, mindful communication and self-compassion. The perfect way to EPV with ease!


This innovative new Mindfulness Matters course Well-being, Mindfulness and Resilience for Teachers and Children also has a creative cross-curricular theme covering SESE subjects Science and Geography, SPHE, PE, Art, Irish, literacy, and support for planning whole school well-being. Dr. Ann and Caulfield and Derval Dunford, pioneers of mindfulness and well-being in Ireland, continue to pave the way to wellness in the Irish education system!


Summer Courses

Face to Face Summer Courses WAITING LIST

Mayo Education Centre

Castlebar   -  July 2nd – July 6th

Westport - July 2nd – July 6th


Enquiries:  Mayo Education Centre 094 9020700


Sligo Education Centre

August 20th – 24th

Enquiries: Sligo Education Centre (071) 913 8700


This is a 20 hour Summer Course for teachers which includes mindfulness, relaxation and building self-esteem. It has been referred to by Teachers as 'the perfect end to a busy school year'. It is linked to the Social, Personal and Health Education (SPHE) programme for schools and offers the opportunity to explore incorporating simple midfulness based approaches into daily life for Teachers and children. Our course provides abundant resources for use in the classroom.



For further information contact

Derval 087 2888740    Ann   087 6108144.