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Mindfulness in Daily Life

Create balance and a sense of ease in your busy mind and busy life by introducing Mindfulness. Simplicity is the key with Sui Mindfulness.


Through Mindfulness we learn how to replace the 'worry' habit that we may have spent a life-time practising with the new habit of 'letting go' and 'coming back' to present moment awareness. The Suí course includes simple mindfulness practices, relaxation, visualization techniques, and more. Sui Mindfulness is the common sense approach to anxiety, the perfect anti-dote to stress.Suí Mindfulness has been endorsed by the medical profession and other health-care professionals. Sui Mindfulness is ‘something that can help heal your life’ (Bernie Seigel, MD and author).


Derval has been facilitating regular 3 week evening Sui Mindfulness courses in the West for several years. She has trained in teaching Jon Kabat-Zinn’s programme MBSR (Mindfulness based stress reduction), at the University of Bangor, Wales and the University of Massachusetts Medical School (UMASS). Sui Mindfulness & Relaxation courses run from Jan to June.

Contact Derval on 087 2888740



Mindfulness at Work

Stress reduction in the work place

Mindfulness at Work offers an opportunity to workers and employees to learn the technique of mindfulness to enhance their personal and professional lives. It is a way of paying attention to whatever arises from moment to moment, in yourself, others and the world around you. Its practice is well proven to respond to the ravages of stress, anxiety, burnout, depression and a variety of illnesses. It has the capacity to enhance the body, mind, heart and spirit. Research has indicated that people who are mindful enjoy more satisfying relationships, have better communication, have improved attention, job performance, productivity and job satisfaction with a sense of control of their own behaviour are less likely to experience psychological distress, and have higher self esteem. Throughout the six weeks participants will be introduced to simple techniques that assist in the maintenance of peak performance, calm perspective and focussed attention with a sense of kindness and curiosity


  • Greater wellbeing with work and life satisfaction
  • Less conflict
  • Increased self awareness and awareness of others
  • Increased concentration and attention span
  • Improved sleeping patterns


What: 6 weeks programme

Facilitator: Ann Caulfield, M.A.

Contact: Ann Caulfield 087 6108144


Organisations we work with :

  • IPPN Principals’ and Vice Principals’ Conferences, Dublin
  • IPPN Irish Primary Principals Regional Meetings
  • INTO Annual Education Conference 2012
  • Le Chéile Youth Conference, Athlone
  • CICE Past Students Conference, Kilkenny
  • Sligo Education Centre
  • Mayo Education Centre
  • Family Centre Castlebar, Co Mayo
  • Laois Education Centre
  • Carrick on Shannon Education Centre
  • Limerick Education Centre
  • Primary Schools Nationwide
  • Staff sessions - eligible for Croke Park hours, student sessions
  • HSE Mayo and Galway
  • GMIT Castlebar Campus
  • St. Michael’s Family Centre, Sligo
  • Family Centre Castlebar, Co Mayo
  • Mayo Professional Network



  • National schools in Mayo, Roscommon, Galway, Limerick
  • Education centres



  • Carrick on Shannon Education Centre
  • Limerick Education Centre
  • Mayo Education Centre
  • Sligo Education Centre



  • HSE Mayo and Galway
  • GMIT Castlebar Campus – staff and students
  • Healthy Beings, Strokestown, Co. Roscommon
  • St. Michael’s Family Centre, Sligo
  • Killala Holiday Cottages, Co. Mayo
  • Mayo Professional Network

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For further information contact

Derval 087 2888740    Ann   087 6108144.