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“I can't recommend this CD highly enough"


Stephanie Fitzgerald-O'Malley

Educational Psycologist

kind words...

“A wonderfully gentle way for kids to get a first flavour of mindfulness."


STracy Piggott

Sportsperson and national


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CDs: Still Space

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‘Still Space’ encourages resilience and inner peace and is an essential resource for parents and teachers who value the development of compassion, confidence, and contentment in children and teens. Using mindfulness and visualisation it helps build personal awareness and focus. Mindfulness practice has been shown to enhance physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and improve concentration.


Tracks include:

1. Adult Introduction (4.08)

2. Magic Torch (5.22)

3. Still Space (4.42)

4. Gentle Breeze (4.45)

5. Take Five (5.46)

6. Kind Heart (5.28)

7. Heartbeat (5.24)

8. Wishing Well (5.24)

9. Calm Fizz (4.40)




My kids just LOVE  ‘Still Space’, they range in ages from 4 to 10 and each of them have a favourite track, I can clearly see the sense of ease and joy they get from listening. Thank you.

Martin McGuire, Limerick.


I am a primary school teacher and I use your Still Space CD everyday with my 4th class. We take 5mins every day and play a different track, the children are transformed after listening. They look forward to that quiet time from 9am every morning, so do I!

Carmel Hoban, Dublin.



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