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Stephanie Fitzgerald-O'Malley

Educational Psycologist

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CDs: The Zone


The perfect gift for the child who has everything!

Cost €14.99



Children just love The Zone. It is creative, fuels the imagination and builds inner resources for dealing with anxiety and stress. If you’re looking for kid’s gift ideas The Zone ticks all the boxes. The Zone is a wonderful resource for the classroom, and at home. It is ideal for school and homework preparation, story time and bedtime. A perfect Christmas stocking filler.



Inviting mindfulness into the daily life of children increases their capacity to ‘I felt very light and really liked it….’Zak, age 5 ‘Funny…made me feel happy because I was laughing…the best craic we’ve had as a family in ages.’James, age 10 become still and feel good about themselves. Mindfulness based practices are simple yet profound and create a solid foundation on which to build self worth, compassion and understanding. In The Zone children relax and explore through visualisation, affirmation and breathing techniques. It is a wonderful childhood treasure.


Tracks include:

1 Adult Introduction (4.17)

2 Mindful Moments (4.09)

3 Belly Breathing (5.15)

4 Breathe and Smile (5.41)

5 Exploring the Five Senses (6.14)

6 Cool, Calm and Confident (15.05)

7 Rainbow Discovery (9.14)


The Zone: the perfect gift for the child who has everything!

COST: €14.99 each


SPECIAL SCHOOLS OFFER The Zone in every classroom: 5 CDs €49.99; 12 CDs €99.99


POSTAGE: €2.95

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